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How do raters assess a player's skills?
How do raters assess a player's skills?

Understanding the NAGVA skill assessment questionnaire

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Whenever players need to be rated, they are observed by 2-3 raters who assess each of their skills to arrive at a rating (B, BB, A or AA).

The observation follows the NAGVA Skills Assessment Questionnaire, a list of 24 yes-or-no questions around the player's ability to execute each of the fundamental skills of volleyball: serving, passing, setting, defense, blocking and attacking.

Example: Question #2 - Can the player serve to specific regions of the court with strategy, occasionally causing disruption to the opponent’s offense?

How do the answers to the questionnaire determine the rating?

The two highest skills will result in that player's rating

Example: Serving-BB, Serve Receive/Setting-BB, Defense-BB, Blocking-B, Attacking-B
Player's Rating: BB

Are all six skills assessed for every player?

No. The skills observed and assessed depend on the position the player is playing. Also, a player cannot be assessed for both passing and setting. The rater decides which one to assess based on the player's position and based on which of the two skills is stronger.

Example: John is playing (both front row and back row) as a 5-1 setter. A rater would typically assess John's serving, setting, defense, blocking and attacking. If setting is being assessed, passing will not be assessed.

Example: Mary is playing libero and serving for one of the middles. A rater would typically assess Mary on serving, passing and defense. The other skills would not be assessed.

Can I get a level assessment that a rater was not able to assess?


How can the raters say I have A defense when I'm playing BB?

Sometimes a rating question requires the rater to infer how you would perform against a higher division player.

Example: John is playing BB. In assessing John's defense, the rater has to answer, among others, Question #15- Can the player consistently dig balls to the front zone, against an A level offense, while making adjustments to the attack of the opponent?

In this case, John is likely playing defense against BB hitters. Some of these hitters may have A-level attacking, in which case the rater can actually observe how John performs against them. If not, the rater has to infer, based on his observations, whether John could consistently dig against an A level hitter in order to answer the question

What does "occasionally" and "consistently" mean in the context of the Skills Assessment Questionnaire?

For serving, "occasionally" means "0-1 times out of 3 attempts" while "consistently" means "2-3 times out of 3 attempts"

For all other skills, "occasionally" means "1-2 times out of 5 attempts" while "consistently" means "3-5 times out of 5 attempts"

How can I get help if I don't understand or agree with my rating?

To better understand your rating, contact the Regional Commissioner that signed your rating or

If you believe your rating was completed improperly, you are entitled to appeal it. Read more about rating appeals here.

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