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How can I find a team to play with? How can I find more players for my team?
How can I find a team to play with? How can I find more players for my team?

Ways to look for teams needing a player and for players needing teams

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There are three main ways to find teams/players to play with in NAGVA:

Word of mouth

Talk to people in your volleyball community (e.g., friends, local leagues). If you go to "Tournaments" (blue ribbon menu) and choose a tournament, you'll see what teams are already registered - maybe you know one of those teams and you can reach out directly to the captain. The more you play NAGVA, the more NAGVA people you'll know and the easier it will be to make connections.

Post to the NAGVA Connecting Players Facebook Group

NAGVA a Facebook group dedicated exclusively to matching players and teams and helping our members find volleyball opportunities across North America. It's called NAGVA NETwork - when posting, remember to include the basics (tournament, division and position). Some people also tag friends that can be references.

Place a Matchmaker Advertisement

The NAGVA website has the ability to create Matchmaker advertisements for players who are looking to play with a team but also for team captains looking to fill out their team's roster for a tournament. It's still active and a great way to find volleyball opportunities!

It's very easy.  You let everyone know which tournament you are interested in, what positions you would like to play, and then give a description about yourself.

Viewing Matchmaker Ads for Tournament

You can then view teams looking for players as well as see which players are looking for teams on the same page after selecting a tournament you are interested in.

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