Team Qualification Requirements for Championships

To be eligible to compete in the Men’s Championships, each team in the Men’s Divisions must have:

  1. competed in at least one NAGVA‐sanctioned event during the current Championship Season,

  2. must have three players who have played under that team name in the current season,

  3. paid all annual fees and dues, and

  4. have all players on the roster individually rated for playing ability and skill level

Source:  NAGVA Rules & Regulations, Rule 2.07(B)

Individual Player Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to compete in the Men's Championships, each individual player in the Men's Divisions must meet the following requirements:

  1. the player must have played in a NAGVA‐sanctioned tournament during the current or previous season, and

  2. the player must not have any outstanding financial or other sanctions unless accepted by the Championships Committee

Source:  NAGVA Rules & Regulations, Rule 2.07(A)

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