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Registering a team for a tournament
Registering a team for a tournament

Creating a team and paying the team annual membership dues is the first step. You will want to register your team for tournaments next.

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Now that you have created your team, you can add the team to a tournament by clicking on the Team Name on your My NAGVA Overview page which will take you to the Team Overview page.

On the Team Overview page, you can then add your team to a new tournament which will create a unique roster to manage that is used only for that tournament.

Paying Tournament Registration Fees

After registering your team on the NAGVA site for the tournament, you will want to pay the tournament registration fees.  Each tournament director has their own process and methods for collecting registration fees so you will want to go to the tournament details page and look for the fees.  There will also be an online payment link on most tournament pages as well.

If you have any specific questions about a particular tournament, you can reach out to the local tournament director directly.  Their contact information is listed on each tournament details page.

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