Referee certifications have a few more steps after you successfully pass the referee exam.  Remember that certification exams must be taken more than ten days before the beginning of your next tournament.

Referee Certification Exam Process

  1. Take the online referee certification exam

  2. If you successfully pass the referee exam, you will need to be evaluated in-person at your next tournament.  This is the second (practical) component of the referee certification.  Note:  Please contact the tournament director if you wish to be evaluated in-person for your referee certification.

  3. The tournament director will facilitate the in-person evaluation and report the results to NAGVA after the tournament has completed.

  4. Once your online exam is finished and NAGVA receives a successful in-person evaluation, your referee certification will be approved.  Note: This step can take several days after NAGVA receives notification of your in-person evaluation.

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