Steps to Request a Medical Re-Rate

  1. Fill out the NAGVA Medical Re-Rate form completely.

  2. Take the form to your attending physician and have them completely fill out the appropriate medical sections with additional information.

  3. The attending physician should sign the medical re-rate form.

  4. Scan the completed & signed medical re-rate form and any substantiated evidence and send all of the documents to where it will be processed by the Director of Eligibility.

Source:  Section 2.04 (D) of the NAGVA Rules & Regulations

Ratings and re‐ratings are based on skill level. A player may request a Medical Re‐ rate based upon substantiated evidence of an injury or medical condition. If the Medical Re‐rate is granted the player will be treated as an initial rating under subsection A above. In their request for Medical Re‐rate, players must also ensure that their request complies with the NAGVA Code of Conduct under section 1.02 D. (amended 5/2009 and 5/2013)

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