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Impact of initial ratings or rerates during a tournament
Impact of initial ratings or rerates during a tournament

Initial ratings may have an impact on which division you will be eligible to play during bracket play. Rerates will not have an impact.

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Ratings during a tournament can occur at any time including pool play and bracket play. An initial rating is provisional for the entire tournament and may be modified based on observed play at any time. At the conclusion of the tournament, the player will have a final, established rating. 

Re‐rate requests are completed as time and personnel permit. 

Unrated Players

If you are a non-rated NAGVA player and during pool play receive a rating higher than the division your team is currently playing it will result in one of two options: 

  1. Your entire team can play in the division of your new rating with the approval of your team and the tournament director (if that division is offered) or,

  2. You can find a new team to play with for bracket play in your newly rated division; however, you will need to be added to their roster prior to bracket play starting.

Example:  If you are playing B and get an initial rating of BB on Saturday (pool play) you cannot play in B on Sunday. You can get picked up on a BB team for Sunday or your team can decide to play in BB division with approval from tournament director.

**If you receive a HIGHER rating during bracket play based on observed play (as noted above) you will not be able to continue playing bracket play as you cannot play in a division lower than what you are rated.

Re-Rated Players

If a player has been re‐rated, and that player is rated up to a higher level, his/her new rating is effective 35 days from the conclusion of the tournament, except for Championships, at which his/her new rating is effective at the conclusion of Championships. This player may not be rated down for a six‐month period from the date of re‐evaluation but may be rated up at any time. (Rules/Regs 2.03C)

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