From time to time, we get requests from members who are unable to remember their password for their NAGVA profile.  This is especially true for members who have not used the new website since 2014.  There are two methods that you should use to get access to your NAGVA profile again.

Requesting a Password Reset Electronically

The NAGVA website has the ability to send a secure reset password link to the e-mail address listed on your profile.  You can find the tool to request a password rest at the bottom of the left column on the Help page.

Check your junk e-mail folder

It is possible that the e-mail that arrives does not get delivered to your Inbox folder.  Please be sure to look in your Junk E-Mail or SPAM folders in case your e-mail service has marked the password reset e-mail as spam.

Note:  This is one of the reasons why it is important to keep the e-mail address on your profile up to date.

Requesting a Password Reset from the NAGVA Webmaster

If the electronic method does not work for you, you can reach out to the NAGVA Webmaster either at or by filling in the contact form on the Help page.

Please be sure to include your NAGVA profile ID number in your request for a password reset.  More information on how to find your NAGVA ID is available in this help article:  How find your NAGVA ID

For security reasons, you must send your request for a password reset from the e-mail you have on file in your profile.  We cannot reset someone else's password and send it to you.  Another member cannot request a password reset for another member either.

Verifying your identity

If for some reason you do not have access to the e-mail address on your profile any longer, we will request proof of identification to make sure we can verify your identity before resetting your password.  If you use this method, we can change the e-mail address on your profile as well to a different e-mail address.

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