Many team captains need help during the season to manage team rosters for multiple tournaments.  Team captains can add a co-captain (or alternate rep) to help them manage their team.

  • Login to your NAGVA account

  • After you login, you will be taken to the My NAGVA overview page.  On this page you will see a list of your teams and you will want to click on the team name of the team you want to add your co-captain.

  • Once you are on your team's overview page, you will see a section where you can add an "alternate rep" to the team by entering the NAGVA ID number of the NAGVA member you want to be the co-captain.

Important notes:

  1. You will not be able to change the alternate rep after making the assignment. If there's a legitimate need to make a change, contact 

  2. Alternate reps cannot use the team vote in the annual meeting at Championships. In order to give your vote to your alternate rep, you need to fill out a proxy form.

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