While NAGVA accepts a wide range of uniforms, there are some requirements to ensure tournaments run smoothly:

  1. The color and the design for the jerseys must be uniform for the team, except for the Libero. The uniforms must be clean.

  2. The players’ jerseys must be numbered in a permanent manner from 1 to 99, using Arabic numerals. Duplicate numbers are not allowed. Numbers must be at least four (4) inches in height on the front and eight (8) inches in height on the back. Numbers shall be located in such a position that they are clearly visible and shall be a color contrasting to that of the jersey.

  3. The Libero player(s) must wear a uniform which has a different dominant color from any color of the rest of the team. The uniform must clearly contrast with the rest of the team. The Libero uniforms must be numbered like the rest of the team.

  4.  It is forbidden to wear hats or casts (even if padded). Braces, prosthetic
    limbs or other headgear that may cause an injury or give an artificial advantage to
    the player must not be worn. If a brace, prosthetic limb or headgear is used, padding or covering may be necessary. Jewelry may be worn provided its nature does not present a concern for safety, such as extremely long necklaces and/or necklaces with large medallions, or large hoop earrings.
    large medallions, or large hoop earrings.

  5. The legality of a team's uniform(s) is not grounds for a protest by their opponent. The determination of a team's uniform legality is the responsibility of the match referee(s), head referee(s), and/or tournament staff.

*For guidance on the above please refer to the USAV  Indoor Rules Book - FINAL

These requirements are in place to ensure that referees and raters can accurately keep track of players during the tournament. And while a referee may exercise some discretion, don't risk it! Follow the requirements above when selecting or ordering jerseys to make sure your team has no issues on tournament day :)

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