The NAGVA website contains a list of the all of the leagues that are associated with the organization.  Athletes should look to get involved with their local leagues!  Each listing includes information about the league including a website and contact information for the league commissioner.

Request to Add a New League Listing

If you would like to add your league to the listings, send us an e-mail at and include the following information to help us list your league with all of its details.

  • League Name:

  • League City:

  • League State:

  • League Country:

  • League Commissioner's Name:

  • NAGVA ID of the League Commissioner:

  • League E-Mail Address:

  • League Phone Number (optional):

  • League's URL (optional):

  • League Style:  (i.e. league with scheduled season & playoffs)

  • League Divisions:  (i.e. A, BB, B, or Recreational, Intermediate, Competitive, etc.)

  • League Facebook Page (optional):

  • League Twitter Account (optional):

Once we have received your request, it will get routed to through the proper avenues who will verify the details and get your league added quickly.

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