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How to create a NAGVA member profile
How to create a NAGVA member profile

Creating a member profile is the first step in joining the organization and participating in tournaments.

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Note:  If you have ever registered with NAGVA or have a NAGVA profile number, please DO NOT register again because that will create a duplicate profile. If you have changed email addresses or can not remember your sign-in information, you can use the automated tools available on the sign-in page.

  • On the registration page, you will fill out all of the registration information.  

  • Be sure to double-check that your e-mail address is address so you can verify your e-mail address after clicking the Process Registration button.

E-Mail Address Verification

At this point, you will want to check your e-mail to get a verification link that you will click on.  Be sure to check your SPAM or Junk E-Mail folders if you are not able to find it in your inbox.

After you have verified your e-mail by clicking the verify link, you will be able to login to the NAGVA site.

Logging In for the First Time

Now that your e-mail address has been verified, you can visit the NAGVA login page to get logged in.

The login form will ask for the e-mail address and a password.  Both of these are the ones that you provided in your registration form from above.  You can also use your NAGVA ID instead of the e-mail address.

You can always tell whether you are logged in or not based on the status of the member panel in the upper-right of every page.  If it says "Welcome, Guest!" then you are not logged in and will be able to click the "Sign-In Here" button.

Next, you will want to pay for your membership dues.  You can find out more on how to do that using the link below.

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